for 2020 season

The Dive-In Theater will not be operating during the 2020 season. Our dock at College of the Atlantic is undergoing major construction. We are currently exploring alternate plans for a fun and adventurous summer. We love our fans and will be posting exciting and crazy updates on the Dive-In Theater Facebook page. We miss all of you and hope to see you next year!
–Diver Ed & Captain Evil



tv on boat

Two-hour adventures daily at 9:30am • 1pm • 4:30pm Sundays one show at 9:30am (subject to change)

Your adventure begins after a short cruise to a dive location in Frenchman Bay.

On the way out Diver Ed and Nori, the Newfoundland, will welcome you aboard. After setting anchor, Diver Ed and Mini-Ed don their dive gear. Diver Ed heads to the back of the boat where the kids get to push him overboard.

As Diver Ed and Mini-Ed sink to the bottom of the sea, the boat turns into a theater with a giant LED TV.

You can watch as Diver Ed and Mini-Ed interact with the creatures dwelling at the bottom of Frenchman Bay. Meanwhile, Captain Evil narrates topside. You can even hear Diver Ed talking while he is underwater.

Now get ready to roll up your sleeves.

Diver Ed and Mini-Ed have brought some of those creatures back to the boat with them. After Diver Ed introduces you to these amazing animals, you get to see them up close, even hold them.

Then we send them all safely home.

All of the creatures are returned safely to sea, and we head back to the dock.

Where to meet


Adults (ages 12 to 64) $42
Children (ages 5 to 11) $32
Wee Ones (under 5) $16
Seniors (65+) $37

*There is a group rate for parties of 10 or more people making one reservation. Each ticket price is $5 less ($37, $27, $11, and $32, respectively).


Diver Ed's Log – May 24, 2015

Diver Ed's Log – March 6, 2015

Diver Ed's Log – February 28, 2015



Schooling silvery fish
Lumpfish suction cup
Lobsters (from babies to monsters)
Carpets of sand dollars
Slimy sea snails
Squirting sea cucumbers
Wriggling worms
Decorated toad crabs
Dancing brittle stars
Playful seals
Frolicking porpoise

...and these...

Feeding anemones
Urchins wearing hats
Gorgeous jellies
Fighting hermit crabs
Hugging crabs
Fuzzy sea peaches
Shrimpy shrimp
Eyes of a scallop
Lips of a mussel
Sponges (some named Bob)
Teeth of a cunner

...and these!

Barnacles eating with their feet
Pouting ocean pouts
Horned sculpins
Fearless divers
Diver Ed (“Woo hoo!”)
Mini-Ed (“I do my own stunts!”)
People laughing
Wide smiles
Sweet Newfoundland patrolling the deck
Eagles watching with a sharp eye
And occasionally...a curious shark!


“Diver Ed ROCKKKKS!!!!!”

This is, hands down, one of the best things to do with kids on the island, in Maine, in the northeastern U.S., in ALL of the U.S.! Not only is it fun and entertaining, but it's such a great educational experience for young children, adults, and everyone in between and beyond!

Lizzievc, TripAdvisor

“Educational and hilarious”

Diver Ed's was one of the highlights of our week-long trip to Bar Harbor. He entertained everyone from my 3 year old daughter to my 33 year old husband. Every aspect of the roughly 2.5 hour trip was interesting.

Merisunshyne, TripAdvisor

“Still talking about it 2 weeks later”

We went on this adventure on the suggestion of friends who said it was awesome. We had high expectations and Diver Ed and his crew exceeded them! Our 4 year old hasn't stopped talking about it for 2 weeks. Diver Ed and Captain Evil had the crowd, both young and old, captivated and engaged for the entire two hour+ trip. Worth every penny.

Jennifer H, TripAdvisor

“Top attraction in Bar Harbor Maine!"

Just got off the boat and this was awesome! You would not think oceanography would be so much fun and up close and personal! I would highly recommend this to anyone with or even without kids! Loved it!

Lip89, TripAdvisor

“Don't miss it”

I would never have done this if it hadn't been recommended and I am so glad we did. It is funny, entertaining and educational. My son, parents and husband all loved it. Highly recommend!

Bsomewhereelse, TripAdvisor

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